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GoGogiri: A Taste of Home & Fusion in Lubbock, Texas

Experience the Best of Both Worlds: Authentic Asian Flavors & Creative Fusion

Welcome to GoGogiri, Lubbock's homage to the vibrant world of Asian and Asian fusion cuisine. Our kitchen bridges the traditional flavors of Seoul and Tokyo with modern twists, perfect for both the nostalgic palate and the adventurous foodie.

Why Dine with GoGogiri?

  1. Tradition & Innovation: From the age-old art of crafting onigiri to our unique spin on Korean corn dogs, every dish tells a story.

  2. Handpicked Ingredients: Sourced locally and inspired by Asian markets, our ingredients ensure authenticity and freshness in every bite.

  3. Ambience: Our decor marries contemporary aesthetics with cultural elements, inviting you to a culinary journey from East to West.

Signature Offerings

  • Korean Corn Dogs: Tradition meets innovation. Enjoy the familiar taste with a Lubbock twist.

  • Onigiri: Crafted with love, our rice balls encapsulate the essence of Asian comfort food.

Hear from Our Community “Whenever I miss home, GoGogiri is where I find comfort. Their onigiri takes me back!” - [Name] “It's a fusion done right! A beautiful blend of flavors that reminds me of my travels across Asia.” - [Name]

Join the Culinary Movement Revel in a gastronomic experience that's deeply rooted in Asian traditions yet daringly modern. Located in the heart of Lubbock, GoGogiri is where East meets West, and where memories are made over shared plates.

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